Spend smarter

Don’t just spend money. Do spend money and get rewards. There’s a common desire among geeks to see large numbers next to our names. I remember the hours spent shoving quarters into Roadblasters trying to get my initials onto the top score page. A few years later my brother and I worked hard to one-up […]

Build your own computer

Don’t buy a crappy eMachine or a Dell. Do build your own computer. Or at least choose a prebuilt model that has flexible and upgradeable components. Newegg.com has a small selection of barebones machines but they look kind of lame. Just buy a good case, a decent motherboard, and a power supply with at least […]

Microsoft does u-turn on DRM

This is my response to a post over at TheInquirer: I think you’ve got it wrong. Microsoft has always taken the position that DRM is a bad idea. I say this with confidence because I am good friends with a developer in the DRM group at MS and have had in-depth conversations regarding Microsoft’s stand […]

Is Computer Science Still Worth It

from slashdot: “Is it a good idea to go into Computer Science? Yes, there are certainly pending labor shortages as Indian companies outsource to the United States, but speakers of Stanford Computer Forum generally agree that it’s a good career choice. From the article: ‘To ensure job security, students must learn business, communication and interpersonal […]

My iPod makes me steal

When I’m sitting at a computer I can log in to Yahoo! Music Engine, queue up a bunch of my favourite tracks and go on with the rest of my day. It costs me $6.99 a month to stream any album in their 1mn song database. Prior to Yahoo’s release I subscribed to Real’s Rhapsody […]

Rhapsody No-Go

So I subscribed to Rhapsody “To-Go” which was $4 more every month but enabled me to transfer music onto my iPod… Turns out the “To-Go” service doesn’t support iPod… you can’t transfer files from the subscription service to the iPod because iPod doesn’t support Real’s DRM technology (Janus). But the iPod is on the compatibility […]

Real Rhapsody

I signed up for Real Network’s Rhapsody service during their first 49 cent per song deal. I figured that the at least I get my 14 day free trial and then cancel it. Well it’s been almost 4 months now and I’m still shelling out the $9.99 every month to listen to unlimited music. Now […]