My iPod makes me steal

When I’m sitting at a computer I can log in to Yahoo! Music Engine, queue up a bunch of my favourite tracks and go on with the rest of my day. It costs me $6.99 a month to stream any album in their 1mn song database. Prior to Yahoo’s release I subscribed to Real’s Rhapsody service which was equally useful albeit over-priced.

Then I bought an iPod. Turns out all the popular new unlimited music services use a DRM technology not compatible with iPod. So I find myself paying for this incredibly convenient service that I can only use at my computer then downloading the same music from some peer to peer service so I can play it on the go.

Seeing as how I pay a subscription to Yahoo for the same music I’ve got on my iPod one would think I’m not stealing. The problem is that the artists get paid every time I play a track on the music streaming service… they don’t make anything from the music sitting on my iPod.

So please Apple, let me play Janus DRM files on iPod or start providing a subscription music service.

One thought on “My iPod makes me steal

  1. The real problem here is Apple’s iPod, not with the subscription music services. Had I read this months ago when you posted, I would have suggested taking the iPod back for a refund, and instead buying one of the competing players like the Creative Zen Micro, which has an equally easy interface, and supports subscription-based music from Rhapsody, Napster and Yahoo. Of course, Yahoo is the clear winner in this category for now because of their $60 for a whole year deal, but who knows how long that will last. But then even at double that price, it would still be a good deal.

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