Hello world!

Hello from Seattle! It’s cloudy today but stopped raining. Check out my new favorite weather site: UmbrellaToday.com If all you want to know is whether or not you need an umbrella today, just type your location and get a Yes/No response. Now you can subscribe to alerts sent by email or SMS on a schedule. […]

SEO My Name: Success!

As you can see the Google search for my name is now returning my blog as the top entry. I’m still not sure what it took to make this happen. Google is a curious creature. seo-my-name-success

SEO My Name

Here’s a question: Is a well named sub directory better for SEO than a domain name? Case in point: I searched my name on Google and came up with this: The pipl site which ends in /Aaron/Bronow is ranked higher than my blog which starts with aaron.bronow. So I did some research: The pipl site […]

Think more, work less

I want to spend more time in front of a white board than a keyboard. My goal in career path is to be a software architect. The problem with architecture is you must have a proven record of success (or at least incredible failures) to get people to listen to you. Just like buildings, software […]

Design Patterns: Learn to Love Them

As a programmer you’re going to have to solve similar problems over and over on different projects. Design patterns are techniques and solutions which allow you to solve common problems in elegant and reusable ways. Memorizing a few of the most common design patterns will make you a better problem solver. When an issue comes […]


Amarok rocks. I store all my music on a 70GB laptop hard drive in a USB enclosure which I carry in my bag between work and home. Most of my tunes are MP3 but there are a few OGG and WMA albums. I am anal about my file structure and naming scheme. Genre\Artist – Album\Artist […]

Spend smarter

Don’t just spend money. Do spend money and get rewards. There’s a common desire among geeks to see large numbers next to our names. I remember the hours spent shoving quarters into Roadblasters trying to get my initials onto the top score page. A few years later my brother and I worked hard to one-up […]

Use Media Player Classic

Don’t use Windows Media Player Do use God’s gift to media players: Media Player Classic. I can’t say enough good things about MPC. It’s small (less than 2MB), doesn’t use a huge number of resources, plays nearly any media format known to man, and it’s free. The developers have included support for many plugins by […]

Use del.icio.us

Don’t use bookmarks or favorites in your browser. Do index and tag your bookmarks using some online service like del.icio.us. I used to be a fan of FavoriteSync which would periodically upload all of your Internet Explorer favorites to an FTP site of your choice. There was also a Firefox plugin that would periodically sync […]