SEO My Name

Here’s a question: Is a well named sub directory better for SEO than a domain name?

Case in point: I searched my name on Google and came up with this:

Screenshot of Google search results

The pipl site which ends in /Aaron/Bronow is ranked higher than my blog which starts with aaron.bronow.

So I did some research:

  1. The pipl site is “unranked” in Google toolbar’s PageRank. My blog has a PageRank of 1.
  2. The pipl site has about 54 pages indexed with Google. has about 136 pages indexed.
  3. The exact search string “aaron bronow” appears first in the title of both pages.

One difference I noticed is that the meta description and keywords of the pipl site contains my name whereas I had forgotten to apply any SEO meta tags to my blog homepage. So I corrected this error and I’ll check again next week to see if anything has changed.

Stay tuned.