Amarok rocks.

I store all my music on a 70GB laptop hard drive in a USB enclosure which I carry in my bag between work and home. Most of my tunes are MP3 but there are a few OGG and WMA albums. I am anal about my file structure and naming scheme.

Genre\Artist – Album\Artist – Album – Track – Title.ext

I decided on this structure by necessity. I don’t use the genre tag in ID3 because often times I just don’t agree that such a track belongs under such a genre. So when I want to hear a bunch of Industrial Electronic music I don’t want to build a playlist. I just drag my Industrial Electronic folder onto my media player and hit shuffle. The next level of playlist building I use is album. I don’t bother with an Artist directory because I usually want to listen to just an album or shuffle all the albums. It’s feasible to shift+select the list of Artist – Album folders and add them to the queue since they are all in alphabetical order in the same Genre directory.

This is just the first of the reasons I love Amarok. More to come. Stay tuned.