Think more, work less

I want to spend more time in front of a white board than a keyboard. My goal in career path is to be a software architect. The problem with architecture is you must have a proven record of success (or at least incredible failures) to get people to listen to you. Just like buildings, software […]

Spend smarter

Don’t just spend money. Do spend money and get rewards. There’s a common desire among geeks to see large numbers next to our names. I remember the hours spent shoving quarters into Roadblasters trying to get my initials onto the top score page. A few years later my brother and I worked hard to one-up […]

Use shortcut keys

Don’t do everything with the mouse. Do use shortcut keys when appropriate. The whole point of shortcut keys is to do things more quickly. My experience has been that many shortcut keys are the opposite of shortcuts. Take for example Windows Media Player. I’ve been using Media Player Classic for years now and I love […]


Don’t use bookmarks or favorites in your browser. Do index and tag your bookmarks using some online service like I used to be a fan of FavoriteSync which would periodically upload all of your Internet Explorer favorites to an FTP site of your choice. There was also a Firefox plugin that would periodically sync […]


Don’t read headlines or news feeds on your favorite websites. Do use RSS. Save a lot of time by collecting the RSS feeds of your favorite sites then use a feed reader to keep up with the latest things. There’s a cool site called Bloglines where you can keep track of all your favorite feeds. […]

Dual boot

Don’t decide between Windows and Linux. Do dual boot. There’s no reason to choose one operating system. If you have some reason to be using Linux (e.g. just for fun, for some software development projects, etc) install your Linux distribution of choice, partition your drive and install Windows too. Tips: Install Windows first then use […]

RAID your hard drives

Don’t go out and buy the latest largest hard drive to store your piles of data. Do get the most value out of your existing drives by adding them to a RAID array. You can join an array of drives of any sizes to create a huge volume. You can even install Windows on a […]


Don’t buy the top of the line video card. Do buy two older GPUs and SLI them. If you’ve got an ATI chipset you’ll need to shop for CrossFire compatible video cards. Let me crunch some numbers for you: You can buy a GeForce 8800GTX with 575MHz core clock and 1800MHz memory speed for around […]

Build your own computer

Don’t buy a crappy eMachine or a Dell. Do build your own computer. Or at least choose a prebuilt model that has flexible and upgradeable components. has a small selection of barebones machines but they look kind of lame. Just buy a good case, a decent motherboard, and a power supply with at least […]