Javascript modules and maintainable code

In Javascript app development maintainability is often exchanged for rapid production and delivery. Using Javascript code modules is not a new concept to software developers who write single-page JS apps but the distinction between using namespaces with a singleton-style static object and writing modules is important. I keep hearing that modules improve executing speed and […]

LinkedIn Endorsements Are Useful… Only to LinkedIn is in the business of selling ads (classified and otherwise). Much like other social networks they use many tactics to drive traffic back to their site and prompt as many page loads as possible to increase exposure to money-making features like job listings and recruiter contacts. There has been much discussion about whether endorsements […]

Migrating to Feedly

R.I.P Google Reader. A few interesting, and unexpected, alternatives have cropped up but Feedly is the one I’m going with. 5 Reasons Why: It’s free! Easily imports all my Google Reader feeds and categories iOS and Android apps Everyone else is switching to Feedly It’s better than Google Reader I say it’s better because of […]

Thanks for having me, TechRanch

I want to post a big thanks to TechRanch of Bozeman, Montana for inviting me to speak on Facebook app development. We withstood a brief hail storm and had no technical difficulties. I was very pleased with the turnout and hope everyone got a great overview of how to leverage ASP.NET MVC to build a […]