Upgrading a T-Mobile SDA

Download the latest and greatest firmware. ftp.clubimate.com has the latest iMate SP5m firmware (i-mate_SP5m_NRE_2.6.333.1.zip).The WWE ROM is a “world” version. You’ll want the “Northern European” version because it’s slightly newer and easier to convert from UK to US locale. The iMate SP5 is the one without WiFi (same as the Cingular 2125). There is a […]

Windows Mobile 5 on Audiovox SMT 5600

I just got an Audiovox SMT 5600. I’ve got it running Windows Mobile 5 and here’s how I did it. First I hit thepiratebay.com, searched for “windows mobile 5” and downloaded Windows.Mobile.5.ROM.Pack.For.HTC.Typhoon.C500.SMT5600. The nfo file contains instructions for flashing the ROM however mine came with the latest Smartphone 2003 image and could not be upgraded. […]