Amarok rocks. I store all my music on a 70GB laptop hard drive in a USB enclosure which I carry in my bag between work and home. Most of my tunes are MP3 but there are a few OGG and WMA albums. I am anal about my file structure and naming scheme. Genre\Artist – Album\Artist […]

Use Media Player Classic

Don’t use Windows Media Player Do use God’s gift to media players: Media Player Classic. I can’t say enough good things about MPC. It’s small (less than 2MB), doesn’t use a huge number of resources, plays nearly any media format known to man, and it’s free. The developers have included support for many plugins by […]

My iPod makes me steal

When I’m sitting at a computer I can log in to Yahoo! Music Engine, queue up a bunch of my favourite tracks and go on with the rest of my day. It costs me $6.99 a month to stream any album in their 1mn song database. Prior to Yahoo’s release I subscribed to Real’s Rhapsody […]

Rhapsody No-Go

So I subscribed to Rhapsody “To-Go” which was $4 more every month but enabled me to transfer music onto my iPod… Turns out the “To-Go” service doesn’t support iPod… you can’t transfer files from the subscription service to the iPod because iPod doesn’t support Real’s DRM technology (Janus). But the iPod is on the compatibility […]

Real Rhapsody

I signed up for Real Network’s Rhapsody service during their first 49 cent per song deal. I figured that the at least I get my 14 day free trial and then cancel it. Well it’s been almost 4 months now and I’m still shelling out the $9.99 every month to listen to unlimited music. Now […]