Upgrading a T-Mobile SDA

  1. Download the latest and greatest firmware.

    ftp.clubimate.com has the latest iMate SP5m firmware (i-mate_SP5m_NRE_2.6.333.1.zip).
    The WWE ROM is a “world” version. You’ll want the “Northern European” version because it’s slightly newer and easier to convert from UK to US locale. The iMate SP5 is the one without WiFi (same as the Cingular 2125). There is a newer firmware available from Cingular but it does not include WiFi support and there’s something wrong with the T9 feature.

  2. Unlock the phone for ROM upgrade.

    Normally your new retail phone will be CID locked which will disable the ROM upgrade. Use the guide I found on the interweb to CID unlock the phone. You’ll need the SPVServices application found at http://www.spv-developers.com/content/SPV-Services.zip.

  3. Install the firmware.

    Installation should be painless. Remember to back up.

  4. Unlock the phone for applications.

    The iMate firmware is “application locked” which means you will not be able to install software that has not been digitally signed. To unlock the phone download the HTC signed regedit application from http://www.spv-developers.com/content/regeditSTG.zip.
    Follow the instructions I found online to change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001001 to 1 and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001005 to 40. Then restart the phone. Now download http://www.spv-developers.com/content/SDA_ApplicationUnlock.zip and run the SDA_ApplicationUnlock program. It is self explanatory. If you get a message that says the phone is not unlockable the registry keys have not taken effect. Verify that the keys are set correctly and restart the phone. Once the unlocker says the phone has been unlocked you can copy the cert.cab file from http://www.spv-developers.com/content/SPV-Services.zip onto the phone and execute it with the File Explorer.


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