RESTful Texas Holdem Game

Working with a few very talented designers and developers in Seattle we were given the task of building a Flash-based Texas Holdem game for a competition. The concept was simple: players log in to play with fake money, the contest runs for a few weeks and the player with the highest number of chips wins […]

On Game Development by Zach Bronow

I saw this on Slashdot and I don’t quite understand why an article like this was even written. People of the Press such as this seem to treat the initial development vision and feature lists as utter fact and don’t seem to understand that things change during the development process. Half the information they get […]

New toy

Guess who got a PSP? That’s right, I did. Was it expensive? Hell yes. Does it look sweet? Oh yeah. Was it worth it? Time will tell… Right now I’ve got Wipeout Pure, Lumines and Ridge Racer. Wipeout Pure is my favourite game so far. It’s visually pleasing as the textures are quite simple and […]