Is Computer Science Still Worth It

from slashdot:

“Is it a good idea to go into Computer Science? Yes, there are certainly pending labor shortages as Indian companies outsource to the United States, but speakers of Stanford Computer Forum generally agree that it’s a good career choice. From the article: ‘To ensure job security, students must learn business, communication and interpersonal skills, Vardi recommended. The personal touch will become as important as technological expertise, he said. “There are jobs galore,” agreed Suzanne Bigas, assistant director of the Stanford Computer Forum.'”

This is what I’ve been saying about the outsourcing issue for a year
now. People who want to work in technical fields shouldn’t be afraid
of being laid off if they do something creative or interact with
people in a way that can’t be done over the phone or Internet.
Everyone who just pushes buttons is expendable.

So if you’re going to get into software development you should make sure you work on your people skills. It might also be a good idea to minor in a foreign language or communications.