Microsoft does u-turn on DRM

This is my response to a post over at TheInquirer: I think you’ve got it wrong. Microsoft has always taken the position that DRM is a bad idea. I say this with confidence because I am good friends with a developer in the DRM group at MS and have had in-depth conversations regarding Microsoft’s stand […]

Rhapsody No-Go

So I subscribed to Rhapsody “To-Go” which was $4 more every month but enabled me to transfer music onto my iPod… Turns out the “To-Go” service doesn’t support iPod… you can’t transfer files from the subscription service to the iPod because iPod doesn’t support Real’s DRM technology (Janus). But the iPod is on the compatibility […]

Real Rhapsody

I signed up for Real Network’s Rhapsody service during their first 49 cent per song deal. I figured that the at least I get my 14 day free trial and then cancel it. Well it’s been almost 4 months now and I’m still shelling out the $9.99 every month to listen to unlimited music. Now […]