Blog Me, Photo Me, Again

In reply to my previous post regarding a way to email photos from my cellular phone to my blog, I have found a new and better method.

Flickr is a weblog for photos. It supports email posting and can host up to 10MB of images per month (there is no limit to the storage space but you can only send in 10MB each month).

The images you see on the right side of my blog are pulled dynamically from my Flickr account. I have also written a JavaScript method which allows you to view the images in their original format without browsing to another site.

Just click “Flicker” under the images on the right. The script loads the first image at original size and lets you switch between the rest. Click the full size image or the “Close” button to hide the Flicker viewer.

Let me know if it doesn’t work in your browser.

4 thoughts on “Blog Me, Photo Me, Again

  1. flickr is great! im using it too! but didnt know abt the 10mb and unlimited space thing! thanks for that…and i like your recent photos thingy too..gonna try it now..

  2. That script is cool! (I work at Flickr, btw.) We’ve having something similar in the works for a later release, but it is nice to see that you beat us to it :)

    (As an aside – you’ll also be able to get pro accounts, which have no limit on uploads, storage or bandwidth.)

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