New Gadget Shuffle

Musicians have musical instruments, scientists have microscopes, painters have brushes, I have portable electronics.


There are a few new devices I’m interested in but on which should I spend my hard-earned money?


Here’s the rundown on one of them:


Toshiba e800 Pocket PC

MSRP: $599

PriceGrabber: $479.90

eBay: $400 (approx.)


Seems like a lot for such a little computer. The thing about this one is the screen and the connectivity options.


It’s a 4 inch display driven by an ATI graphics card with a dedicated 3D processor… I have never played a good 3D game on a handheld before, but it’s definitely an interesting idea.


As for connectivity: WiFi (802.11b); Infrared; Bluetooth; USB 2.0 connection from the dock; SD and CompactFlash card slots; and I can use the Bluetooth to interface with my cell phone and get online wherever I get service.


The processor is 400MHz which is ridiculously fast for a handheld but seeing as how it runs Windows Mobile 2003 I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra Hertz for the apps I might want to run.


I thought about going with another Palm but it’s going to be a while before PalmOS 6 (Cobalt) comes out (it allows multi-tasking, which is heretofore virtually non-existant on previous PalmOS versions). Not to mention the fact that hardly anyone writes software in C anymore so it’s becoming hard to find good applications to run on Palm devices.



If any of you use or would use a handheld computer to keep track of dates, contacts, and get directions while on the road, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “New Gadget Shuffle

  1. After doing a little more research I found out that Toshiba does not make a Pocket PC with WiFi and Bluetooth. The e800 comes with the option of one or the other.

    I’d say go with the Bluetooth onboard because the WiFi specifications are continuing to change and Bluetooth draws less power from the battery.

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