RV Life Week 0: Packing for Worriers

Will I need this? I’ve asked myself a million times in the last few weeks. I know this because I have come to learn that I had a million things. Had a million things. Now I feel lighter. Donate it. Goodwill Industries now owns most of my worldly possessions. What’s the worst that could happen? […]

Root Cause Analysis Chart

At Sologic I worked with an excellent team to design their new RCA charting application UI. The process began with an existing product which was outdated and failing to deliver on customer expectations. After becoming familiar with the legacy application and its user experience I spent time interviewing existing customers who were dissatisfied. I drew […]

Javascript modules and maintainable code

In Javascript app development maintainability is often exchanged for rapid production and delivery. Using Javascript code modules is not a new concept to software developers who write single-page JS apps but the distinction between using namespaces with a singleton-style static object and writing modules is important. I keep hearing that modules improve executing speed and […]

House Democrats’ Health Plan Flowchart

This chart illustrates a Republican Congressman’s view of the Democratic House proposals for a healthcare reform. Looks complicated. The part I’m interested in here is how Americans will find the information they need to navigate the system. There’s a line in here which connects Health and & Human Services Dept to the states’ regulators and […]

Spring cleaning like a software architect

Everyone knows how to clean. Throw out trash, move dust and dirt around until you can’t see it anymore. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’m developing a system for living with the clutter through my spring cleaning process. Specify clear goals (Are they feasible?) Make a plan (Can it be delegated?) Commit to a timeline (When will […]

LinkedIn Endorsements Are Useful… Only to LinkedIn

LinkedIn.com is in the business of selling ads (classified and otherwise). Much like other social networks they use many tactics to drive traffic back to their site and prompt as many page loads as possible to increase exposure to money-making features like job listings and recruiter contacts. There has been much discussion about whether endorsements […]

Migrating to Feedly

R.I.P Google Reader. A few interesting, and unexpected, alternatives have cropped up but Feedly is the one I’m going with. 5 Reasons Why: It’s free! Easily imports all my Google Reader feeds and categories iOS and Android apps Everyone else is switching to Feedly It’s better than Google Reader I say it’s better because of […]