Farewell Seattle, My New Office Has Wheels

As we come to the close of our broadcast day
This is my farewell transmission
Signing off…
Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the ships at sea
Anyone within the sound of my voice

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you told your boss you’ll be taking those 9AM status meetings from a rest stop on Route 128? I have and I am going to do it.

My new office has wheels and I’m leaving Seattle to circumnavigate the country. I’m going on the road not to get away but to get somewhere. Maybe it’s the American Dream I’m looking for, but other men more vulnerable and pharmacologically well-equipped than myself have already gone looking for that.

This is a test.

I will test the limits of Verizon’s LTE network. I will test the Macbook Pro below sea level and in an alkaline lake bed. I will test my meddle against distraction. I’m leaving the grunge capitol of the world and going to places where the only radio station plays country.

Welcome to my top ten
I’d like to thank our sponsor
But… we haven’t got a sponsor

My promise to you, dear listener, is a weekly recap of what I will try and what I will fail. What it feels like being a software architect and programmer living in an RV. Tune in Thursdays on this station for more.

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Next week: Week 0 on the road. Packing, what I’m bringing, and what I’m most afraid of.

I’ve got 50000 watts of power
I want to ionize the air
This microphone turns sound into electricity
Can you hear me now?
Out on route 128, the dark and lonely
I got my radio on
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?

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