Where Are The Media PCs?

This guy has some good points. “My theory is that PC-TV hybrid products like Viiv aim for a sweet spot that doesn’t exist. Very savvy consumers will hack together these setups themselves. The less savvy will just keep their TVs and computers separate. And the folks in the middle? If they’re around, nobody’s found them […]

On Game Development by Zach Bronow

I saw this on Slashdot and I don’t quite understand why an article like this was even written. People of the Press such as this seem to treat the initial development vision and feature lists as utter fact and don’t seem to understand that things change during the development process. Half the information they get […]


I recently bought a new domain and I’ve been very busy setting it up. I’m using ZoneEdit.com to control DNS. It’s a nice service because it’s free. I registered the domain through GoDaddy.com and they have a DNS management utility but it doesn’t give me the same freedom. So I’ve got space hosted on godaddy.com […]

Windows Mobile 5 on Audiovox SMT 5600

I just got an Audiovox SMT 5600. I’ve got it running Windows Mobile 5 and here’s how I did it. First I hit thepiratebay.com, searched for “windows mobile 5” and downloaded Windows.Mobile.5.ROM.Pack.For.HTC.Typhoon.C500.SMT5600. The nfo file contains instructions for flashing the ROM however mine came with the latest Smartphone 2003 image and could not be upgraded. […]

My iPod makes me steal

When I’m sitting at a computer I can log in to Yahoo! Music Engine, queue up a bunch of my favourite tracks and go on with the rest of my day. It costs me $6.99 a month to stream any album in their 1mn song database. Prior to Yahoo’s release I subscribed to Real’s Rhapsody […]

Rhapsody No-Go

So I subscribed to Rhapsody “To-Go” which was $4 more every month but enabled me to transfer music onto my iPod… Turns out the “To-Go” service doesn’t support iPod… you can’t transfer files from the subscription service to the iPod because iPod doesn’t support Real’s DRM technology (Janus). But the iPod is on the compatibility […]

Real Rhapsody

I signed up for Real Network’s Rhapsody service during their first 49 cent per song deal. I figured that the at least I get my 14 day free trial and then cancel it. Well it’s been almost 4 months now and I’m still shelling out the $9.99 every month to listen to unlimited music. Now […]

New toy

Guess who got a PSP? That’s right, I did. Was it expensive? Hell yes. Does it look sweet? Oh yeah. Was it worth it? Time will tell… Right now I’ve got Wipeout Pure, Lumines and Ridge Racer. Wipeout Pure is my favourite game so far. It’s visually pleasing as the textures are quite simple and […]

Fictional Seperation Anxiety?

I have always been a slow reader. Ever since my first grade school book reading contest I knew that I would never be a world-champion speed reader. In fact I read so slowly that I have trouble following subtitles on foreign films. I was reading a good book the other day and I noticed that […]