New toy

Guess who got a PSP? That’s right, I did. Was it expensive? Hell yes. Does it look sweet? Oh yeah. Was it worth it? Time will tell… Right now I’ve got Wipeout Pure, Lumines and Ridge Racer.

Wipeout Pure is my favourite game so far. It’s visually pleasing as the textures are quite simple and fit the idea of a futuristic hover-plane racing game. The initial stages are pretty easy. Things move slowly and the computer-controlled racers don’t use their weapons very well. Into the second tournament things get a little dicey. The speeds pick up considerably and all of a sudden you’re racing against unpredictable and very skilled computerized racers.

Lumines is like Tetris on steroids. Not only do you drop geometric shapes onto other geometric shapes but you have to line up colours as well. And the music isn’t just a catchy distraction, it changes based on your progress and adapts to your playing style. Drop blocks faster and the music speeds up, do more rotating and place those blocks carefully and the music is more melodic.

Ridge Racer is a little disappointing. The graphics are good but not great in my opinion. The controls are extremely simple (there’s no airbrake or powerslide like Wipeout) but I was left wanting either a more extreme challenge (jumps, spirals, loops, etc) or a fully driving simulator. I guess I’ll have to wait for Gran Tourismo 4: Mobile.