Venture Brothers

I’d like to let the Internet know that The Venture Brothers is my favorite animated series of all time. I know it’s not the most cleverly scripted or well-animated show ever made but I love it.

I used to get up at 8am on Saturdays to watch Jonny Quest. In fact I spent a day in California office building where Jonny Quest was drawn and published.

My parents were friends with a couple of musicians who had two girls within months of my brother and I. Naturally we were assigned as playmates. Well as much playmates as zero-year-old kids can be. They moved to California before I can remember.

We visited a few times every couple years. The last time I remember vividly. Preston (the girl’s dad) took me with him to work for a day at Turner Broadcasting. We rode in his VW bus and tried to listen to the radio over the deafening road noise and wind through the completely non-aerodynamic frame. When we arrived he placed me in his office and told me not to touch anything. At the time I didn’t know anything about the contents of the 2 ceiling-height telco racks. As far as I remember one was devoted to audio equipment: DAT boxes, amps, mixers. The other was high-end VCRs and other video recording and playback devices. I asked about the stack of VCRs later and he said he was dubbing some tapes for a friend and advised me to not mention it to anyone.

For lunch we visited the bakery down the street. I spilled flan on his corner desk. He let me play with the “intern’s mac” down the hall while we took care of some business. I don’t think I’d ever seen a screen that big before.

When he was done we watched the dailies of whatever animated film he was working on in the in-office theater. I used to be totally into film scores and he let me play my Broken Arrow score CD over the theater sound system (the animations didn’t have any audio anyway).

That’s pretty much what I remember about that.