Best Advice: Don’t Take Advice

If you want to get better at making good decisions practice making your own decisions. Maybe you’re lucky and you already make good decisions. Maybe you don’t need to make good decisions because you are good at football, baseball, and lacrosse, darts and basketball, and poker, golf, and chess. The rest of us learn to […]

Want to Get More Done? Head East.

Have you read that to be more productive you should wake up earlier? Me too. I’m in Montana and I’m starting to believe it’s true. We’re crossing time zones and I’m waking at the same time of day so I get up a whole hour earlier now. My primary team and almost all of my […]

RV Life Week 0: Packing for Worriers

Will I need this? I’ve asked myself a million times in the last few weeks. I know this because I have come to learn that I had a million things. Had a million things. Now I feel lighter. Donate it. Goodwill Industries now owns most of my worldly possessions. What’s the worst that could happen? […]

Spring cleaning like a software architect

Everyone knows how to clean. Throw out trash, move dust and dirt around until you can’t see it anymore. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’m developing a system for living with the clutter through my spring cleaning process. Specify clear goals (Are they feasible?) Make a plan (Can it be delegated?) Commit to a timeline (When will […]