How to get a programming gig in Seattle

It helps to have some project management experience even if the team consists of you and Stack Overflow. If you can determine how much contact the client needs on a regular basis you will go far. Some only want to check in every 2 weeks, some want to talk to you every day. The best way to figure out how much “touch” your client needs is just to try it your way and see if they react. If they don’t, you win. If they get pissed you adjust.

A friend recently asked me for the advice I would give an entry level programmer trying to get a job in web development. I suggested these mailing lists…

You’ll need a portfolio, not just a resume. This blog is my online portfolio. I also have saved code samples from some interesting projects I’ve worked on. The bare minimum should have screenshots of apps you’ve built in your spare time or projects you might have done in the past.

Start following these job boards and try to organize your portfolio in a way that looks like it would fit with these job descriptions…

(Sorted by most rounded corners)

With a little luck and enough face-time, you’ll get an interview. Rock their socks off with your passion for learning and dedication to getting the job done and you’ll go far.