Plastic Bottle Tiara

Ever see something beautiful and then realize it’s actually trash?

I went for a walk the other night and as I got close to a street light I saw something sparkly on the road. It was about the size of my palm, and glittering in the street light, and flattened, like it had been run over. I thought “Oh some little girl lost her tiara and it got crushed.” I walked closer and then I saw it was obviously a plastic bottle — the kind you would buy in a package of 32 wrapped in more plastic. I don’t have the best eye sight, but seriously? A tiara? That was ridiculous.

I kept walking and I thought “Thanks, brain, I needed a good laugh at myself.” And that got me thinking: Wouldn’t it be nice to meet new people and think “Oh you’re beautiful and interesting. I want to get closer and see you more clearly” instead of “You’re kinda flat and sitting in the road, you’re probably just trash.” Sure, I might be disappointed some of the time. But maybe even a crushed plastic bottle can be beautiful in the right light.